International Association for
Relativistic Dynamics

IARD 2020

The 12th Biennial Conference on Classical and Quantum Relativistic Dynamics of Particles and Fields

Some non-trivial aspects of Poincare and CPT invariance of flavor vacuum

Luca Smaldone

Charles University


We study the explicit form of Poincare and discrete transformations of flavor states in a two-flavor scalar model, which represents the simplest example of the field mixing. Because of the particular form of the flavor vacuum condensate, we find that the aforementioned symmetries are spontaneously broken. The ensuing vacuum stability group is identified with the Euclidean group E(3). With the help of Fabri-Picasso theorem, we show that flavor vacua with different time labels and in different Lorentz frames are unitarily inequivalent to each other and they constitute a manifold of zero- flavor-charge states. Despite the spontaneous breakdown of Poincare and CPT symmetries that characterises such vacua, we provide arguments on the absence of Goldstone Bosons. We also prove that the phenomenologically relevant oscillation formula is invariant under these transformations.