International Association for
Relativistic Dynamics

IARD 2020

The 12th Biennial Conference on Classical and Quantum Relativistic Dynamics of Particles and Fields

Study of the radiation reaction force for a step electric field and an electromagnetic pulse

G. Ares de Parga, S. Domínguez-Hernández, E. Salinas-Hernández and M. Ortiz-Domínguez

Instituto Politécnico Nacional

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The motions of a spinless point-like charged particle predicted by the Landau-Lifshitz equation and the Hammond method are obtained for a step electric field and an electromagnetic pulse by using analytical and numerical solutions. In addition to Hammond method not presenting the so-called constant force paradox, using step force brings out the apparent physical contradictions of Landau-Lifshitz equation regarding energy conservation. Unlike other cases, the electromagnetic pulse shows another fundamental difference between the two models. Finally, an analysis of the Hammond method is made.