International Association for
Relativistic Dynamics

IARD 2020

The 12th Biennial Conference on Classical and Quantum Relativistic Dynamics of Particles and Fields

Matrix continued fraction solution of spin-0 and spin-1/2 Feshbach-Villars equation

B. M. Motamedi, A. Garcia Vallejo and Z. Papp

California State University Long Beach


The Feshbach-Villars formalism presents a unified description of relativistic spin-0 and and spin-1/2 particles. However, the components are coupled asymptotically by the operator and this makes the solution notoriously difficult. We have developed a solution method which represents the Feshbach-Villars Hamiltonian by infinity by infinity matrix and determine the corresponding Green's operator by matrix continued fraction. The approach can handle Coulomb plus confining potentials that are relevant in atomic, nuclear and particle physics.